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Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado

The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado was authorized by the Colorado Legislature in 1999 to honor Colorado veterans for answering the call of duty and faithfully and honorably serving the United States of America and the State of Colorado.

It is located at 2830 Riverside Parkway, Grand Junction, Colorado, just east of the Grand Junction Regional Center. It has a capacity of 3,337 units, including 1,758 units for casketed remains and 1,579 units for cremated remains (of which 861 are columbarium wall niches). Additionally, there are 775 memorial garden plots available for veterans whose remains were not recovered or were donated to science or are otherwise unavailable for interment.

There are memorial walks on either side of the creek running northeast to southwest through the Cemetery. These walks pass by each of the five columbaria in front of which are benches for visitors.

There are landscaped areas for in-ground interments that are characterized by thoughtful placement of trees, shrubs, and other plantings. These areas provide additional places for individual reflection.

Eligibility for burial in the cemetery is the same as for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) national cemeteries, but includes a residency requirement.


Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado
2830 Riverside Parkway
Grand Junction, CO 81501