Cemetery Guidelines

Our cemetery guidelines ensure peace and respect for all.

At Taylor Funeral Service & Crematory, we want to honor and respect all of the families that have chosen us as the final resting place for their loved ones. We also want to ensure that our cemetery is a place where any family member or friend can come to cherish the life of a loved one. After all, a cemetery is truly a sacred place.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines for ensuring that everyone who visits has the experience they desire.

Purpose of Regulations:

These regulations are promulgated to provide guidance to the staff of Mesa View Cemetery for the operation and administration of the Cemetery. Mesa View Cemetery is a privately owned business and as such it remains to itself full, complete, and undisputed supervision, control and management of the land, buildings, improvements, roads, walks, utilities, development, books, and records, and the full and complete authority, rights and privileges to make, change, administer, and enforce all rules, regulations and restrictions that are consistent with all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Cemetery Lots:

1. Application for purchase of cemetery lots shall be made on forms supplied by the Cemetery accompanied by applicable fees and charges.

2. Purchase of a Cemetery lot entitles the owner only to the right of burial in accordance with the terms and conditions of these regulations as such may be amended from time to time. Ownership of the real estate shall remain at all times with Mesa View Cemetery or its successors.

3. Lots shall be subject to a purchase fee for each full-sized grave space and cremation-sized grave space (paid in advance of use). There will be no charge for infant-sized grave space (up to 24" Casket) in Babyland.

4. The purchaser of a grave lot may assign their interest in a lot to another only if they give the Cemetery written notification of such assignment. Unless the assignment was a gift without consideration, a transfer fee shall be paid to the Cemetery.


1. Permission for burial services shall be obtained from the Cemetery office by the conducting funeral director or the next of kin if no funeral director is involved at least 36 hours in advance. No burials or burial services will be allowed on Sundays and/or federally observed Holidays. An overtime charge will be assessed for burials on Saturdays or if departure from the Cemetery is after 4:00 p.m. The Cemetery shall have no liability if unable to accommodate the burial or burial service at the requested time. The Cemetery shall advise the interested parties of the time at which the site will be ready.

2. All graves shall be opened and closed by the Cemetery. The charges shall be established by the Cemetery and must be paid in advance of opening the grave.

Required Vaults:

1. Concrete vaults shall be required for all Adult casket burials.

2. Cremated remains and baby casketed remains shall be buried in a vault approved by Mesa View Cemetery.

3. All vaults will be installed by Mesa View staff. An installation fee shall be assessed on all vaults not supplied by Mesa View Cemetery.


1. No disinterments shall be allowed unless proof of the right to request the disinterment and all necessary state and local permits are submitted along with the applicable charges to Mesa View Cemetery.

2. The Cemetery shall make the disinterment but shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from removal.

3. The charge for disinterment shall be paid prior to the work being completed.

4. Disinterment shall be done at the convenience of the Cemetery.

Grave Markers:

1. Flat granite with bronze grave markers, flush with the ground, shall be the only type of maker allowed within the Christus and Last Supper Gardens.

2. Upright granite markers at least 10" in height are required in the Garden of Peace. Permanent granite bench markers are allowed in this Garden subject to prior approval by the Cemetery. A 6" granite border is required around all markers in this Garden.

3. Gray granite upright veterans markers with a 6" granite border will be used in the Veterans Section.

4. All grave markers shall be installed by the Cemetery staff or their agents, and must be paid in full prior to installation.

5. Temporary markers may be used only while construction of a permanent marker is pursued with due diligence.

Access to Cemetery:

The Cemetery shall be open to persons on Cemetery­ related business only and shall not be available for any other purpose.

Perpetual Care Fund:

No less than 15% of the charge per grave space shall be credited to the Cemetery's perpetual care fund and earnings thereon used for the maintenance of the Cemetery.

Additional regulations:

The Cemetery management may promulgate additional regulations consistent with these regulations as appropriate in its discretion. These regulations are also subject to change without notice.

Landscaping and Maintenance:

1. All landscaping for Mesa View Cemetery shall be designed and maintained by Cemetery staff. No other plantings will be allowed.

2. Permanent vases are allowed if constructed of bronze and mounted in granite flush with the ground in the Christus and Last Supper Gardens and located within six inches of the monument. Permanent vases that are constructed as an integral part of an authorized headstone are allowed in the Garden of Peace. All permanent vases shall be installed by Cemetery staff or their agents.

3. Artificial and cut flowers may be kept in permanent vases year round. Artificial flowers must be placed in permanent vases in the Cemetery between April 1st, and October 20th except for the period beginning seven days prior to Memorial Day (Legally Observed date) and ending seven days after Memorial Day.

4. Sprays and wreaths made from fresh cut flowers are allowed. Please, No wire or glass.

5. Christmas blankets, wreaths and arrangements are allowed from December 1st through March 1st. Artificial flowers, sprays and wreaths are allowed from October 20th to March 31st."

7. No boxes, shells, stones, boulders, toys, wire, ornaments, chairs, settees, religious objects, non­ permanent vases, lass urns, fences, wood or other articles are permitted. They create maintenance hazards.

8. The Cemetery staff shall have the right to remove any and all items, decorations, flowers oi- plantings allowed by these regulations at such time and for such reasons as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. The Cemetery shall have no liability for damage or loss of such items, vases or decorations. The Cemetery may remove any unauthorized items without liability, at its discretion.