Cremation Options

Options When Selecting Cremation

Funeral and Memorial Service Options:

  • Full traditional services using a solid oak rented casket, visitation time for viewing the body, and the casket and body present for funeral. This is followed by cremation.
  • Full traditional service using a hardwood or cloth covered casket, visitation time for viewing the body, and the casket and body present for the funeral. This is followed by cremation of the body and the casket.
  • Visitation time for viewing the body in either the solid oak rented casket, or another hardwood or cloth covered casket prior to cremation. Following cremation, optional memorial services may be held at the funeral home, church, or other appropriate location.
  • Memorial services following cremation, with or without the ashes present. Ashes may be placed in an urn for future disposition. Urns are available in many different types and materials including wood, porcelain, bronze and stone.
  • Direct disposition. Cremation following death with no scheduled services.

Disposition of Ashes:

  • Burial of ashes in a cemetery or other appropriate location. Many cemeteries will allow the placement of several sets of ashes in a single grave, reducing the expenses of cemetery property.
  • Placement of ashes in a niche in a mausoleum, similar to entombment but in a smaller space. Sometimes a glass front is available so urn can be viewed.
  • Scattering of ashes by family. In Colorado there is no restriction on the scattering of ashes. Ashes may be scattered in a place with special meaning to the deceased and the family.
  • Scattering of ashes at sea. Arranged by the mortuary, this can be done by a professional under the various state regulations at most points off the U.S. Coast.
  • Placement of ashes in an urn to be held by family at home, either indefinitely or until a decision is made for their final placement.
  • Holding by mortuary for any period of time until a decision is made for final placement.
  • Division of ashes for two or more of the above options.